Sunday, April 13, 2008

Os cientistas

E as suas frases de engate..


Muito bom B

'I'm really digging your phenotype.'

'I'll translate you... all the way from 5' to 3''

'Wanna see where my meiosis takes place?'

'If I could be any enzyme, I would be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes.'

'You just made me cross the action potential threshold...'

'Gosh, you really build my turgor pressure'

'My heart lub-dubs for you.'

'I'd bind to your active site.'

'You must be in the middle of cytokinesis cause you have some great cleavage.'

'I wish I was RNA, so I could have U'

'I think we should use an re-uptake inhibitor...'

'We can do it in the alpha or beta configuration, whichever you prefer.'

'I see the evolutionary biologists never saw you before they claimed the Y chromosome was shrinking...'

'How 'bout we go back to my place and get all Mendelian?'

'You wanna make an F1 with me?'

'Bet we can get a good hybrid vigor between the two of us.'

'Are u auxin?, cuz u are making my cells elongate.'

'My ribosome will read you mRNA any day.'

'Why don't we go back to my place so I can elucidate the big bang theory for you.'

'Is it true that biologists prefer to do it in their genes?'

'Can I wet mount you to my slide to take a closer look? I want to make observations on all your parts!'

'You're so hot you denature my proteins.'